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Sichuan Instrument flow meters: precision production of personalized quote

Flow meter, general manager of Tang Qin said: "In the past month, when the production needs of the 500 table every day to work overtime; now (on the information system after) the monthly production of 800 sets of tables, they need not work overtime! By K/3ERP of careful planning, personalized management, process tracking control, which greatly accelerated the reaction rate on the market.

Toshiba representative said in flow meter: "In the past week Flowmeter Toshiba to provide production data to reports, at least 2 days in advance is necessary to the production line, warehouse inventory calculations; on the Kingdee K / 3 system, the time can be extracted from the system the most real and most accurate data. "

People's curiosity is whether what kind of management system for flow meter has been so much change?

Chongqing Sichuan Instrument flow meter is the largest instrumentation companies in China - China Silian Instrument Group Co., Ltd. Chongqing Sichuan Instrument Factory directly under the branch, flow meters in China specializing in the development, manufacture and sales of high-tech key enterprise The main products are electromagnetic flowmeter, VFC-type vortex flowmeter, etc. to achieve world-class performance.

Vortex Flowmeter

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Confusion Flowmeters

Flow meter products has widespread applications, variety, involving industrial and agricultural production, scientific research, national defense, education and medical care of many areas of the national economy. Total products are 13 categories, 145 small classes, more than 800 series, 16 000 species, accounting for machinery industry 1 / 4, instrumentation industries for the performance of high-precision, high sensitivity, high reliability, high adaptability to environment etc., so order more quantities of small, according to user demand is the production characteristics of flow meter.

Flow meter has been attached great importance to high-level information technology, previously with Kingdee in the financial, logistics management, and cooperated well. But with the development of production, customized products, significant increase in the production of model-order management of a higher demand. At present, some difficulty is gradually reflected and affected the daily production operations, flow meters need to establish a comprehensive, integrated management information platform to address the current sales and production departments, some management issues: As the manual calculation of offer, need to shop or warehouse view to a relatively effective information, slow response to market information, very easily lead to lost orders and delay; plans to issue more slow and error seriously affected the delivery time, there have been delays because of one or two parts create a group of millions of goods not shipped, causing huge losses to the company; production process control difficulties, production scheduling and quality management a great deal of influence.

Personalized Quote

Since 2004, flow meter has Kingdee K / 3 ERP system, gradually covering enterprise production, supply, sale, storage, human, financial, material and other enterprises in various sectors, the implementation of integrated management, the establishment of a sound management system, reaching higher level of information.

Flow meter information manager Wang Peng said: "In the absence of prior use Kingdee BOS, in the K / 3 system, sales management, sales quotes, only use have been identified in the price or only a simple operation. However, many of our customers to offer, the actual calculation is very complicated. Sales only in the system is completely customized according to customer needs, enter the customer requirements of the various parameters, and then calculate out the offer by the system. is now using the BOS has developed a personalized quote Liu Cheng (see Figure 1), fully meet the different needs of customers purchase orders quickly. "

(Figure 1)

According to Peng introduced, first in the K / 3 system as defined in the different product categories, diameter of base price, and work out lining, pressure, electrode, explosion-proof rating, conversion type, display, power supply, output interface, supporting law Lan, grounding rings and other accessories increases. This pre-configured in the system parameters, but also facilitate the rapid management.

Input need only select customers in the quote to the product category, then select the sensor associated attributes (such as diameter, lining, pressure, electrodes, explosion-proof rating, etc.); and then select the client to the converter type, display, power supply , output interface, supporting flanges, grounding rings and other accessories. Continue to input other increases, the proportion and quantity of downward adjustment of such information; Finally, according to set parameters and automatically calculates the price of the company. Flow meter has now been achieved by rapid calculation of each order formula: Price = (Class base price + the line converter base price + increase + the other increases the accessories) * Quantity * (1 - to float downward%), time to seconds clock.

"Then we Kingdee BOS resolved through the most disturbing quote difficult, slow, low accuracy problems, greatly improve the accuracy and speed of quote." Peng said, excited.

Fine production

"We also face a problem is the production monitoring, production of each order to that step? There any exceptions? Working procedure in which the problem? We hope to clear that," Peng said.

Operation K / 3 system for shop workers to more complex and difficult and the workload is huge. So think of using bar code scanner, so the operation can reduce the difficulty of shop workers and improve efficiency. When the products, the use of bar code scanner sweep tag on the K / 3 system records the information, and transfer to the next process, while providing reports display, easy to understand and monitor product quality.

Meanwhile, the flow meter using BOS to quickly develop a personalized tracking of production processes (see Figure 2), and in practice the application of well: when issued after the production task, K / 3 system automatically generates a single production tracking, workshop staff the working procedure done, scan the product bar code, and have anti-error warning function; and an operator can scan the processes responsible, the former a scanning process is not carried out the next process can not scan of the production process in order to achieve tight control.

(Figure 2)

First, the system administrator to add new products in the system, while maintaining the relevant material data and the corresponding standard model has been process and increase the BOM of the audit and use of real-time maintenance procedures and processes the data has been completed, which includes including working serial number, process name, the total processing time. When the planner split production tasks in accordance with the table number one, to ensure the realization of "one thing, one vote" system can be automatically generated by bar code label compilation. Then, the planner based on current inventory and delivery, assigned production tasks, the system will automatically generate the process tracking forms (including product codes and specifications, form number, contract number, the processes and procedures of the program into time, completion time and other information). Finally, the two bar code printing, a paste kind, a paste "process record card" to complete the rigorous process of tracking.

In the job shop process, also need to set the scan at a critical section in the node. In every process is complete, the operator on the use of bar code scanning, when scan the barcode, K / 3 system which can display the product code and specifications, the table number, contract number, purchase units, delivery dates, etc . Table body comprehensive display of the product corresponds to the Road Engineering serial number, process name, plans to import time, completion time, has completed the process of actual import, the actual completion time (of the working procedure of the actual import time and on a process of practical completion time), but also show the name of this working procedure. The actual import process is completed, the completion time is shown as empty. Operators confirmed, will be the current time as the server system processes the Road, recorded the actual completion time of K / 3 system. Scanning process and then into the next point, repeat the operation until the last process to complete.

If an abnormal process must be entered and the reasons for abnormal events. If the repair, then the K / 3 system, the information stays in this process, carrying out repair treatment, continue to scan this time and until the completion of follow-up process node. If abandoned, the system processes the end of this time track, and for the record (and a single entry scrap production tasks, planners will be fed in the calculation). Finally, after completion of a qualifying process, input product storage lists, you can view the complete production tracking results. K / 3 system shows the full details of the designated label production schedule, including the label of the process of production, process planning time, the actual completion time, abnormal events during the process, and notes information. Enquiries can be traced back to the label corresponding to the production task, but, more sales orders and other business information.

"In our fast implementation using Kingdee BOS after these processes, K / 3 system are reflected immediately, and Wang Peng said," We offer very fast and very accurate to ensure the best interests of the company. Production line tracking operation is simple, accurate, and can shop in the company displayed on the big screen, to achieve the production process monitoring. "

Application results

1, greatly enhance the efficiency offer

Before the ERP

Slow response to market information: first, the quote from the sale of back office and quote according to rely on manual selection of samples, made by hand calculation, can not respond promptly to customers. Second, the expected delivery needs and asked relevant departments check the existing components, parts, materials and production, often to go to the warehouse or shop floor view, and finally back to the customer. Time often need more than a day or half day, and also often inaccurate.

After the ERP

Rapid response to market: the price impact of a magnetic flow meter of factors, such as lining, flange, diameter, electrode, pressure, etc., had a list of quotes, access to relevant price list by 5 minutes of time.

Now only need to enter the bid model, obtained a price quotation system only takes a few seconds to raise its offer several times the speed. By MPS, MRP simulations, according to the demand generated by the analysis, you can determine delivery time in half an hour.

Simply enter the customer selection, the system automatically calculates the unit price.

2, the establishment of effective project management system

Before the ERP

Commission formally launched will be fed). Finally, after completion of a process qualified, single-entry storage products. Plans to issue more than slow and errors: manually assigned production plans, outsourcing plans, procurement plans slow, often half a day or several days, relatively large errors are also likely leave out plan and, at times he sent a , 20, led the entire wholesale and do not go out.

Under the plan the workload is very large manual, manual difficult to balance the needs of various materials, in order not to affect the production planner Wang Wang Hui Fang Da some quantity, leading to the coexistence of stock Chao Chu and Duanque of not supporting 鎯呭喌.

After the ERP

Fast and accurate planning system: ERP in the development of the master production schedule, the system automatically take into account sales, inventory, products, goods in transit, the amount of data has been allocated to ensure the accuracy of master production scheduling. After the implementation of ERP, production planning, materials requirements contract personnel decomposition, only 30 minutes of MRP / MPS planned operation, decomposition of the original order of the time reduced to 2.08%, to avoid a poor lack of material non-timely response.

3, real-time monitoring of production process

Before the ERP

Difficulties in the production process monitoring: With the continuous expansion of production scale, to be on every contract, each table is very difficult to track production, often to the shop to see kind of a Taiwan and Taiwan.

Before every Thursday to be reported to the Toshiba Corporation of our production, to arrange for several people to the workshop to a month statistics, and the survey results do not necessarily accurate.

After the ERP

Effective production tracking: workshop after the completion of a key process, direct scanning, and the persons to keep abreast of the Section of plant species in the products, quantity, quality, plant statistical analysis time was shortened.

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